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New Website Launched
It's been quite some time since our website has been last updated. We've added videos from Jummah and lectures on community nights to the site. The site is a... [more]
Masjid Calendar
This year our calendar will be a joint effort with two other Masajid in the area. We will be working with the brothers from Pinellas Park and Dunedin to... [more]

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How Do I Become a Muslim?

I'm going to assume you did your homework and studied what it is to be a Muslim. Being a Muslim is not an easy thing, it requires work, at the end of which is a huge reward. Let's go through a short checklist of "to do" items:

  1. Read the Quran
  2. Talk with an Imam/Sheikh at a local masjid/mosque
  3. Go to the local masjid/mosque and observe Jummah (Friday Prayer)
  4. Get a real good understanding of what being Muslim is
  5. Talk to other "Reverts" - since Islam is the natural state that everyone is born into, people don't convert, they revert back to their natural state.

You made it through the short checklist and your faith and spirit is at an all time high, what next. This is where you perform the The First Pillar of Islam, the Shahadda or declaration of faith.

Ash-Hadu An La Illaha Ill-Allah, Wa Muhammadun Rasool-Ul-Allah

The transliterated text above simply means: I bare witness that there is not God worthy of worship except Allah, and that Muhammad is His messenger.