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New Website Launched
It's been quite some time since our website has been last updated. We've added videos from Jummah and lectures on community nights to the site. The site is a... [more]
Masjid Calendar
This year our calendar will be a joint effort with two other Masajid in the area. We will be working with the brothers from Pinellas Park and Dunedin to... [more]

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Times For Aug 17, 2019


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Eid Ul Adha 1434

We're getting closer to that time of year again. As we get closer to October 15th we will announce in more detail the whereabouts of this year's Eid event. Also, if anyone is interested in performing the sacrificial slaughtering without having to travel far, please get in contact with us and we will direct you to the brother in Tampa who has a small farm where he will be selling sheep. I'm sure you can bring your own and pay him a small fee to use his land to perform your slaughter.